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Anti-Radiation Stickers


Say goodbye to phone radiation!

Phone radiation has become the fourth source of pollution: with the progress of science and technology, popularization and high-tech products such as mobile phones have created civilization for the society, but also brought people into an environment full of electromagnetic radiation. It is imperative to combat radiation hazards, reason why we created the Anti-Radiation Stickers

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Your home is filled with hundreds of harmful radiation fields waiting to affect you as you watch television, working on your laptop, cook or heat food using the microwave and mostly when talking on the phone.

Most of the time your phone sits in your pocket next to your reproductive organs affecting your libido, fertility and sperm count.

Did you know that your phone radiates enough energy to modify your brain chemistry causing depression, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, irascibility, fatigue, agitation, brain fog, decreased libido and lot more?


No matter if electronics are turned off, they still release radiation.

While sleep your body is more vulnerable to radiation, accelerating degeneration process, the main reason why humans feel fatigued most of the time and get anxious when staying too much inside the house.

It gets worse. Did you know that during a child’s developing years, his body receives 200% more radiation than an adult?

Listen What Dr. Devra Davis Says on RT TV:

The Solution?

PhoneShields™ Anti-Radiation Stickers are made of 16 rare metals and special oxides which can effectively block 99% electromagnetic radiation from electronics around you, relieving most annoying symptoms like depression, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, irascibility, fatigue, agitation, brain fog, which has been accumulated from your phone, TV, laptop, microwave, etc.

Radiation is a wave of energy traveling through air. At high levels, they become toxic to our body and it is necessary to control exposure to it.

By placing a sticker on your phone, tablet or laptop, it will generate a protective field around your body protecting you from other people’s electronics who doesn’t have Anti-Radiation stickers applied.

By Blocking Radiation You Will:

  • Feel more alert on your tasks becoming more productive
  • Have more energy throughout the day, less fatigue after work.
  • Greater stamina, more physical endurance.
  • Grounded, more emotional stable, dealing easier with stress.
  • Sleep well, one reason for insomnia is due to electric radiation.
  • Restore your libido.
  • Reduce the risk of testicular and brain cancer


Slim & Lightweight Design

Can be used for Tablet PC, Cell Phone, Kindle, Computer, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Printer, Washing machine, etc.

Your and your family will enjoy a more peaceful night’s rest knowing they are protected from radiation harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this fit under a phone case?
Answer: Sticker is very slim, it will fit perfectly under any phone case.

Question: Do you have to change them every few months or does one last forever on your phone?
Answer: A sticker can be changed every 12 months.

Question: Should I place it on the Phone or Case?
Answer: It is just as effective to place Anti-Radiation Stickers directly on your phone or on your case. Some people choose to put them inside the case so it is hidden, while others decide to put them on the outside.

Question: Will it block my phone signal?
Answer: No, it does not Interfere with Radio, TV or Phone Signals.

What Others Say About PhoneShields™ Anti-Radiation Stickers

“I work from home and I’m on my phone and laptop all day. I usually get headaches and fatigue in the middle of the day, but now they’re gone! I feel much more confident throughout the day knowing I am protected from EMFs.I will be buying more of these. I highly recommend giving this product a try”

– Joyce Lyons

“I think these will be a life-changer for me. I didn’t think I would need 6 but found that I was able to use them all quickly. I also have seen a change with my sleep patterns after using these. I have a hard time sleeping and have tried a lot of different products. I think this can be a benefit to others like me. Good luck:)”

– Glenda Canfield

“I have used similar products before for radiation protection. Yours is very cost effective and works as intended. I was a cranial therapist who utilized applied kinesiology (muscle testing) for 20 years. I was able to show clients how devices such as computers, cell phones and other radiation-emitting devices actually locked up the cranial sutures of the head and intern caused various muscles of the body to become hypertonic lending to a pain spasm pain cycle. I constantly research the many other adverse effects created by harmful radiation in our environment. After using your product attached to my cell phone, I find that I no longer get a tight stiff neck after talking for an extended period of time.”

– J. Mehochko

1 pack contain 6 PhoneShields™Anti-Radiation Stickers

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26 reviews for Anti-Radiation Stickers

  1. Michelle

    especially with Galaxy S20 now coming into the realm. I stuck one on my cell phone and later had a long 2 hour conversation. My cell phone used to get sooo hot in my hand whenever I spoke on it more than an hour. To my pleasant surprise

  2. Jennifer E.

    I feel secure with this on my phone. I also got some for my family. It was really easy to apply

  3. Toha

    Very great and fast support. I would recommend this item to have a peace of mind using electronics these days. I had bought it for myself and my kids. Now I have it on the microwave

  4. Evrose

    I work from home and I’m on my phone and laptop all day. I usually get headaches and fatigue in the middle of the day, but now they’re gone! I feel much more confident throughout the day knowing I am protected from EMFs. I will be buying more of these. I highly recommend giving this product a try.

  5. Timothy

    Works great as intended. It gives me strong energy when I use it (im sensitive to energies and frequencies). I even did a few muscle testing test with and without it. Most people are confused about the EMF meter test

  6. Mekia W.

    Was really skeptical at first but I decided to give this a try for my migraines. It actually worked for me because I typically talk on the phone a lot at work and noticed less headaches over time when I put them on my phone. I own a medical office and purchased over 50 for my colleagues and family

  7. Lora L.

    My ERD (Electromagnetic Radiation Detector) proved that this product is effective. It definitely blocks the radiation being emitted by our gadgets. I still can’t believe that this small piece of sticker can actually do it but it works. I’m really not interested with the technology behind this product but its functionality is good as advertised.

  8. Lynette

    I have high EMF’s in my office that were causing headaches. I purchased numerous remedies including a Hymilian salt lamp, black tourmaline, orgonite, rose oil and volcanic lava. I believe they all work however these stickers work better than any. I notice a clear difference. They are the only item I am repurchasing for my bedroom.

  9. Rusty

    As a sensitive individual, it’s clear to me these do their job. I have a glass backed phone so it doesn’t stick to that (pixel 3). Not really the fault of the emf sticker company, as glass phones are rarer and newer to the market I think. I do wish it would stick but I plan to use my phone cover, which arrives tomorrow or so, to keep it in place between the phone and the cover.

    Still a great product. I’ve used their pendant as well before (before I accidentally broke it) and also recommend that!

  10. josh

    Being an event planner I am constantly on my phone, iPad, computer, etc. The EMF protector has given me a sense of relief knowing I am protected from the harsh radiation that comes from those devices. We also use them on other electronics in our home which gives us a piece of mind that our entire family can be protected as well. Great product! I would highly recommend it to everyone!

  11. Diane

    Prevention is better than cure. I would rather pay for this kind of product than regret not doing it after a couple of years. This is a great tool for me as I’ve might been exposing myself to radiation from my gadgets such as laptop, cellphone and tablet. I’m expecting this product to be effective for a long period of time.

  12. Oscar

    It was shipped promptly and is of excellent quality and value.

  13. Nicole

    SMALL, THIN, LIGHT, SEEM to work great! love em.

  14. Mitra Latifi

    I noticed better sleep and less anxiety when using this sticker. It did detach a few months after using, though.

  15. Josh S.

    I bought this because I’m thinking my daughter’s safety while using her tablet. This is a good protection from radiation that can harm her. Thumbs up.

  16. Dr. Abdullah

    I like that they are small and easy to install. I put them on my phone, TV’s, modem and a machine I
    use for work. going to order more for gifts

  17. Robert

    Makes me feel more comfortable uaing my electronics around my newborn.

  18. Jason C.

    I’ve been looking for a radiation protection solution for my cellphone for quite a while, and I think these are the best way to go.
    They are Affordable(6 stickers per pack), convenient (doesn’t get in the way) and stylish (I love the sticker design).

  19. Lewelle

    I bought this for my mom because she’s complaining of having headaches while using her laptop and she really thanked me for buying this for her. I guess it worked for her.

  20. Sandra

    I got the whole package for everyone in the house. We’re using it on our smartphones and laptops. And it saves battery too.

  21. Boanne

    This is an amazing sticker that protects you from radiation from your favorite gadget. It’s a great buy.

  22. Judy

    Pretty nice stickers, not sure if they work 100% or not, but one thing I noticed is that the tickling on my hands slowly started to disappear after I put the sticker on my phone. So definitely is blocking some sort of radiation that was causing my hands to tickle and to get somewhat stiff.

  23. angelina

    I purchase these EMF protectors because I recently learned that the EMF that is transmitted from my cell phone causes headaches and vision issues. Since working from home due to the Coronavirus, I am on my phone and laptop all day and night long. My headaches were so bad I could barely see. That’s when I saw the issue with the EMF and the health benefits from blocking those EMF. I’ve put a couple of these blockers on both my cell phone and laptop. I’ve waited a couple of weeks to see if I truly felt an improvements. I must say, the headaches and vision issues are completely gone. But much much better. I’m so glad I found such a simple solution.

  24. Alicia

    I bought these neutralizer’s to protect myself from harmful EMF as I’ve recently learned this is super important. I installed one on the inside of my phone case and two to the bottom of my laptop. I still have a few leftover to give to my family members. I noticed my hand does not hurt as bad when I spend a significant amount of time scrolling through social media. I don’t know how to test the efficiency, but I’d like to think it is doing some good. I would recommend this product to others.

  25. Claudio

    I attached 2 on my phone, 2 on my monitors, 2 on my laptop, 2 on router wifi and 2 around my microwave. You can instantly feel the air clearer as well as breathing better. can’t wait what they will result in within days. I am on my phone a lot for work and lately after getting the new iPhone 11 pro max and using it much, i’ve been getting headache i’d never get before. I noticed its on the 5G network which I am nervous for. I noticed all around my community there are 5G towers. Getting my home and family protected and looking forward to buying more

  26. cindy

    I am super impressed with this product. Won’t lie that I was worried that I spent all this money only to be disappointed. I always thought that I would get headaches from being on my phone after a while because my mind would naturally get tired but I never realized that it was truly radiation which is why I bought these stickers to test it and I am actually healed.

    This is not a placebo effect! I wasn’t sure if it would work. I tried it and it actually works! So glad I made the investment!

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